What’s the deal with the new postal service CityMail? It’s clearly a good initiative and Post Danmark also need the competition. But their campaign with acrobatic – almost flying delivery service. I really don’t get it. Shouldn’t they compete on the pricing? And not on how high they can jump and how well they’re able to do a headstand. And then there’s a hole other issue. I thought that the number one rule in the business world was – differentiation! You have to differentiate your business on the market in order to legitimize your products and your business altogether. Isn’t that correct? Post Danmark have and are still using the classic yellow bike (and car) when delivering the mail to the Danish people. Therefore an easy way for CityMail to differentiate their business is to choose another colour for their bikes. Need I say more? Anyway the delivery boys are very friendly and they visit us here at Stagis almost everyday – although they seldom have any mail for us….