Storytelling in the morning paper



I do not know if you have heard the hit single from the Danish underground duo Trolle Siebenhaar. The instant I heard ”Sweet Dogs” I thought it was a fantastic tune. I just didn’t know why. Today I read the answer in the morning paper. The singer, Ane Trolles vocal has been recorded in Martin Siebenhaars bedroom (the other half of the duo). She was singing into a mike covered with a sock – primitive but also very authentic. But that’s not all. Ane Trolle had that same night made up her mind: She wanted to be a professional singer! Maybe it’s that passion and determination you sense when listening to “Sweet Dogs”. Fact is that when they tried to record the vocal again later on Ane couldn’t get the same kind of mood into the vocal. So the vocal on the single is the originally recorded vocal – the one recorded in a bedroom. What I’ve read this morning is in my opinion storytelling when it’s best. From now on I will listen to ”Sweet Dogs” with this story in mind, and the story brings something extra to the experience. In the end I love “Sweet Dogs” even more. Have a nice and hopefully sunny weekend.