Podcast 4: Lecture on authenticity in organizational identities



Last week I was lecturing on how organizations can map their authenticity. The lecture was part of Roy Langers course at RUC where I’ve been so fortunate to participate twice this winter. We recorded the last lecture and you can hear it here as a podcast. It’s rather long (maybe too long for anyone to download and hear?), just about one and a half hour. The first hour is about authenticity in companies and my talk is based on my master-thesis which I am writing into a book this year. If all goes as planned it will be published in the first quarter of 2008. The last half hour of the talk is about blogging in organizations and how that can be connected to authenticity.

The lecture was a great experience because the students seemed to be really thrilled and everyone participated in trying to describe different organizations and authenticity-profiles as I tried to draw them out on the blackboard.

Hear The Talk: STAGISTALKS authenticity lecture [1:29:25 min, 37,8 mb]