What a difference a day makes, or, 1 degree of separation


So it’s summer, I’m at my desk at home supposed to be writing my book on authentic identity in organizations and what better way to proceed than writing on the STAGIS blog about completely irrelevant stuff? Well, maybe there’s an inspiration in here somewhere and at least I’m writing so that’s a step in the right direction.

I play the bass. Just for fun as I have lots of other stuff filling up my days. My last and all time favourite tutor Jacob Falgren got a call last month (or an email or text message – calls are not in fashion any more, are they?). James Morrison wanted him to come along on a world tour (I think). So from one day to the other Jacob is travelling the world as a rockstar. Apparently it can all change in a day.

Picture_1So I YouTube’d the Morrison-band today and what do I see? Jacob dancing around happy as can be at Isle of Wight Festival, 50.000 cheering fans and my old 1975 Fender bass on stage in Jacobs hands! Apparently there is still only one degree of separation between me and my all time favourite bass and two degrees to James Morrison. And a bunch of thoughts about my ever lost career as a rock musician separating me and a finished book with a number of degrees.