Coaching – not just another buzzword



Coaching, – a topic that has earlier been discussed elsewhere on the STAGIS blog. Yet, at the risk of repeating myself or others, I would like to make another contribution about the monthly coaching sessions, we do at STAGIS. Before I started my job here at STAGIS, I guess I had somewhat of a sceptical attitude towards the whole concept of coaching, as I was inclined to believe that it was just another fancy buzzword. Since then I’ve become a lot wiser.

Yesterday, after another month with new projects and new assignments, I had my monthly coaching session with Nikolaj. Working in an atmosphere that encourages to be open and talk about your strengths and weaknesses and the challenges and fears that you face in your everyday work life is a big advantage. By articulating and talking about it, you become aware of you strengths and weaknesses, and the coach – if he’s a good one – asks you questions that really make you think and reflect about your potential and how to release that potential and get out your strengths in every new situation in your work (and in your everyday) life. After yesterday’s coaching session I really felt relieved about getting out my innermost thoughts and at the same time I felt inspired to go out and use my new found strengths and wisdom in my job, trying to do my next project even better than the one before. The coaching experience is something that really makes me reflect and learn something about myself in my work situation that I can use in other situations,- in my job as well as in my everyday life. In my opinion, coaching is something every workplace should do in order to release potential and ensure an ongoing development of the employees. That way I’m sure companies will get more committed employees that are more aware of how to use their strengths and, hence, perform at their best.