What matters now


Imagine for a moment that you have everyone's attention. For one

precious moment, the whole room, crowd or maybe even the entire country

is gathered to hear your words of wisdom, hushing each other, pushing

to get a good seat in front of the television sets, eagerly awaiting

your words of wisdom, holding their breath. What would be your key

message to put out there?

Say what you will about Seth Godin,

marketing-guru, blogger, best-selling author and self-proclaimed agent

of change. But the man got a brilliant idea. Seth organized for seventy

successful leaders, writers, thinkers and entrepreneurs to consider

what matters most to them right now – and to express their valuable

observations and life lessons in a short e-book, adequately titled

"What matters now".

The book is available for free online via Seths blog, and I think

it is extremely interesting to see what these seventy smart and

extremely successful people choose to do when

provided with only one page to express their main concerns, thoughts

and messages for all of us.

Download the book as a free PDF here