Blog-links and podcast-links of the day


I just looked at Jacob Boetters blog. He is a hardcore blogger and is currently doing a lot of podcasts. I found a couple of interesting links on Jacobs blog:

Four students at DTU are writing about corporate blogging and the diffculties around participation. They call themselves Guld 4 and have just released an article on involvement with Dansk Kommunikationsforening.

Jacob has made a bunch of great podcasts with a number of interesting people within fields of communications, blogging and technology. I just heard one of them, an interview with Neville Hobson.


Neville Hobson has a relatively “loose” view on the definitions of blogs, podcasts and other social software or media; he explains that the most important thing is that it does something good for the organization rather than lives up to the purist definitions of the system.

Neville also comments on, how to reach people who don’t sit in front of the computer all day. Lots of people in corporations do types of work where they work other types of machines, are outside, drive etc. How about letting them download podcasts? From colleagues, from the CEO, from the change-agent of the organization…