To make the most out of it…



Our first day working with luck in pleasant company with Lars Ginnerup has come to an end. And wow! I actually felt a certain degree of enthusiasm as I went home on my bike – no lights on and riding against the traffic. And I couldn’t help thinking about how this project concerning luck, happiness and optimism will develop during the next three months? Or, in other words, I am anxious to see in what way this project will develop us at STAGIS in the future time. I believe this is going to be revolutionary for us, both as employees at STAGIS – being a part of a working team – as well as individuals.

It strikes me that chasing luck or happiness is really a matter of making the most out of life and to find out – or to point out – the qualities within yourself and then start using them in ways or terms you have never thought of before. I am not talking about changing ones way of living radically it is more about exploring skills and qualities that have never been used – at least not in the right way. Like when you discover a muscle in your body that you have not been aware of but suddenly it hurts like hell! And you notice you have been using your body in a way you have not been using it before.

The way I see it, it is about changing your self-concept and about seeing yourself as well as your surroundings in a new and brighter light, to be positive and focus on success instead of failure. I know a brilliant person who often says: Why don’t you focus on the whole cheese instead of just the holes in it? Yes, it is really about making the most out of it… and maybe you will find that the most is actually a lot.