Go Happy, Go Lucky


Just the other day I received an email from a project manager working in an ad-agency in Copenhagen. She wrote that she’d heard we used coaching and coaches at Stagis and she wanted to know how we did it and who helped us out.

First of all, I coach. I’m in an executive masters-program at Copenhagen Business School (it’s called Master of Management Developmen) where one of many diciplines is to coach members of the organization. Secondly I have been using a number of coaches over the years helping me out with a number of things. My mentor for the past year is Dr. theol Mogens Stiller Kjärgaard. And thirdly we are starting a happiness-program in about a week where Lars Ginnerup will try to increase the level of happiness in our organization as well as in our individual lives.

More about the index of happiness, how to increase measurable happiness in the workplace and our sessions with Lars at a later point…. For now I can only say: Go happy, go lucky!