Kaospilots Flying, but is Denmark Crashing the Project?


Today I had a meeting with Uffe Elbæk at Kaospilots in Århus. This place is a top-of-the-line innovation-, entrepreneur- and projectmanager school with a bunch of really friendly, enthusiastic, committed people. One of the things that strike me is they’ve been keeping up the spirit for 15 years, still on a mission to create meaningful socially responsible projects (and graduates). When you walk in the door you get the feeling they started last year and that they are just getting to the next level now. But in reality they are getting yet again to the next level. That’s not a common thing. Actually, that’s quite rare. In Denmark and anywhere.

Two years ago – as you may know – they were asked to double their activities. And five months later their entire state funding was taken away. “Why?”, you might wonder. I know I am. Now the school is having success exporting the program to a number of locations around the world, entrepreneurs as they are. They are exporting knowledge to the world and the “official” Denmark is not supporting it or taking part in it.

Had I been 20 years old and on the verge of a career I would go for this program. No doubt. It’s the coolest thing ever!

Uffelarge Headmaster Uffe Elbæk explaining (and drawing) how the school is doing and what’s happening around the world