Wiki Wiki!


I was researching on the history of blogging when I fell over this word. At first sight it meant nothing to me but after a quick browse on the web I learned that it means “quick” in Hawaiian. The term describes the WikiWikiWeb a certain on-line communication that was first introduced by computer programmer Ward Cunningham in the mid 1990´ties. Cunninghamstamp_1His idea was to make a shared site between programmers where they could quickly and easily exchange ideas. The new thing about this form of communication is that it is not only a way of exchanging ideas and thoughts, but also a program that allows all users to edit the pages. This function is what makes the Wiki different from for example blogs where there is a company or a person who functions as the host.

Today you can find wiki´s that deals with every possible subject. Some very interesting subjects are the likes of for example wikinews. News is usually a very controlled form of communication, which is shaped by the individual networks it is broadcasted from. The wikiwikiweb allows people to edit and upload their ideas on what news is, which could create more diverse and interesting stories, which will hopefully give room for more debate.