Can dentists and nurses share their experience from anywhere? Digitally? Now?



The other day Gitte, one of my fellow students at Master of Management Development, asked me about blogging. She is considering how a blog could be used within certain parts of the danish public health sector. Especially by dentists and nurses working around the same patient. At first she thought it wouldn’t be possible. How would nurses suddenly start blogging in order to share experinces and knowledge of their practice? And what about the visual part? They need to see what they’re talking about.

But then she found that they were already doing this through email. Instead of sitting together to pass on information they are just emailing. And by using mobile phones with cameras they can share what a condition looks like. The handheld, digital community of practice is right there. Now.

I’ve been experimenting with taking pictures with my cellphone and sending them directly to a picture-blog (moblog) on 23hq