Internal Affairs


No, I’m not referring to an excellent movie although I certainly approve the cinematic “touch” brought in by Nicolaj’s movie experience on “Me and you and everyone we know”. It sounds like a movie I would enjoy! When writing Internal Affairs It’s more about “me and you and a few other people”. It’s about Internal Blogging within STAGIS. Does it work? How are we using it in our projects? And does it make the working process easier? (Rhetorical questions are extremely annoying – aren’t they?)

Cause the answer is of course YES! It is working very well…and maybe that is why there haven’t been a lot of posts on this blog lately. Sorry, but something is going on, on the internal side and we are on to something big! At this point in time we have to consider “the big project” confidential and that is partly why we have created an Internal Blog on which we can discuss our ideas, thoughts, contacts and budgets concerning the project.

I would very much like to share it with you but then I would have to kill you. So be patient – something is about to happen.

An Internal Blog is a bit of a paradox. In one way you narrow your space – your discursive forum and playground – by excluding a lot of voices. In another way you kind of extend your freedom of speech knowing that only a few people (to whom you feel close or with whom you are working on a project) are reading your posts. So it’s both a matter of intimacy and confidentiality: It’s both about being private as an individual as well as keeping some information within the company. Another perspective is the possibility of saving a process in a much more efficient way than for an instance when sharing information by emails. Emails disappear or is put in a thousand different maps and they are certainly not well-organized by category, time, subject etc. Well mine aren’t. When using an Internal Blog it’s a completely different story. Its right there! Everything, every thought, every email sent or received, every discussion and every name, number and shoe size on every contact. It’s right there!

I consider our internal blogs as writing a story together. Imagine how unique it is to have the process “written down”– not trying to recreate it but having it step by step and exactly how it happened at that time it actually did happen. I believe some of the thoughts and ideas is to be published on the external blog whenever the time is right and our “child” is big enough to stand on its own feet. I hope so.

Until then:

Keep up the good work – and bring an umbrella if you go out!