Go for a ride.


One of my best friends, Iben, lives in Italy. She is the worlds most radiant and sophisticated mother of two. She has her own little interior decorating business in Scandinavian style, a nice house in the mountains just outside Milan and a husband who’s never at home. And I tell you she looks stunning speeding up and down the steep mountain roads on her scooter. She has had it for years – it moved with her from Copenhagen when she left, and she looked just as trendy on Værnedamsvej as she does on Via Monte Napoleone.

So how come she is one of the few Danish girls bidden by the scooter?

This other week I did an event at major Copenhagen universities like KUA, CBS, KU etc. And I saw ONE single scooter, and it might have been one belonging to a teacher! How come? Scooters are super economic, they are low on pollution, they are reliable – and it’s easy to find parking space even in Copenhagen down-town.

So please tell me, girls, what does it take to make you ride a scooter tomorrow. I can tell you that if you have a Danish drivers license (any type) it’s just to step on it – it’s all you need! It’s cheap to buy and it comes in a multitude of designs – futuristic, retro or just convenient.

So, what will it take?

Should your favourite chef ride a scooter, should Gromitt the bartender?

Should your scooter be unique with a saddle in Vuitton-logo-canvas or with unique décor by Hornsleth?

Would you like to buy it at a high street store. At Illum?

Where would you like to try a ride – Monday at your university campus or Saturday at your favourite footwear store?

Let me know – and guys are welcome to respond too!

Click the links for a little inspiration:

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