Funen is blogging – the world is blogging


If you’re from the little danish Island of Funen (Fyn) you are well aware that if something goes in Funen it goes everywhere. Maybe this was one of the reasons that this place used to be the test-grounds of many danish companies represeting the country well with about 10% of the danes living there.

Recently Fyens Stiftstidende (the local paper dominating the print-newsmarket there) bought – a free blog-system used by people who want to write and tell about their everyday. For instance ekaterina who writes about the new Venus vibrance including photo and all. Or Tinas blog. She just went to a talk about obesity and reflects on the happiness of a smaller stomach.

The blogs themselves are interesting. In a business-perspective I find even more interesting what Fyens Stiftstidende are planning and how they will be able of using this opportunity in the future. One of their own reporters talks about “the step towards dialogue-based journalism”. I’m looking forward to folowing that!

But where are the blogs of the reporters? And the editor? And the photographers?

I couldn’t find them…

But hey, maybe something is going on in Funen. And if it can happen there it can happen anywhere!