Ridin’ the wave!


Well, anytime I have the chance to talk about corporate blogging I emphasize the element of staying in touch with your end consumer – the valuable possibility to share views directly between two persons. That the conversation is “recorded” in text just ads to the value.

Now even McDonalds has seen that warming ray of light! You can visit their new Corporate Responsibility blog at: Open for Discussion

In this corporate blog McDonalds takes up the challenge of fighting for corporate responsibility through Bob Langert, Senior Director for Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s a great initiative – don’t misunderstand me. I can’t say that I dine every night under “The Golden Wings” – but I haven’t got anything against the company. We, The People, have our own free will even when it comes to the stuff we put in our mouth – if we eat too much, too fat or too sweet, we can’t blame Ronald McDonald.

But now to my real issue: The “Terms and Conditions” of using the blog. In the terms and conditions it says that any comment posted on the blog can be used either in its original form OR edited (modified/adapted) by McDonalds anywhere, anytime and in any which way they choose!

I’m not supposed to be “The Blogging Police” – knowing that the web, blogs etc. has it’s own free spirit. But still, blogging is to me a conversation between a number of individuals. The comments and postings are public, but they have their context and reserving the right to transfer them in edited or even modified form to another media (commercial?) is – I think – slightly out of line. They even reserve the right to use your name in connection with your modified comment!

I bring you this story to warn you that we will probably see more of these “Terms and Conditions” that not only reserves the right to remove comments that are unwanted due to corporate policies, but also reserve the commercial rights to comments made. SO, read the terms before you write a comment – or else you may see it in the newspaper tomorrow!