External Blogging


Following up on the discussion of what blogs can do to optimize businesses here is a few examples from the excellent read naked conversations by Robert Scoble. These examples show how companies can benefit from blogging externally and thereby be part of what the authors identify as a Communications Revolution.

Blogs are cheap – and the lowest cost-communications channel and more efficient than other corporate communications medium.

This means that it provides a great medium for especially small businesses and entrepreneurs that simply don´t have the means to use traditional channels of communications.

Blogs show people outside the organization an authentic view of the corporate culture.

I think this is a good argument because it is true that when you go on to a company blog you get a feeling of that companies structure strait away. For instance if a company only lets the marketing department blog it sends a signal that they might not trust all their employees to communicate with their costumers.

Blogs can create communities and if the companies are able to turn communities into products evangelists they will a huge benefit.

Product evangelists can help look after the companies reputation. They will even defend the company if something negative gets posted about the company or their products.

These are only a few examples…but read the book if you want more good discussions about how companies use blogs to talk with their customers.