To Name a Few Organizational Blogs…


As promised I have search for some interesting examples of Danish corporate blogs. There is not that many to choose from yet, but to name a few: Årstiderne(online shop – organic vegetables), Arken(art museum) and Patent – og Varemærkestyrelsen. Internationally Denmark is not in the forefront with business blogs but we still have a lot of god blogs to visit like E-mediate to learn more about whats happening in the world of corporate blogging.

On a more international level there are many corporations that are using blogs to communicate with their customers in many different ways. A few examples are: Nikes 20 day blog Art of Speed or McDonalds Corporate Responsibility Blog.

Because I´m writing my thesis on the subject im reading a lot of interesting books on the subject of blogging, some with a very marketing oriented view and others with a more philosophical approach to why and how blogging is the cave paintings of today. I will come back with some more insight from the books soon. For now check out a few of the links and think about the many different ways companies use blogging as a medium for communication.