IKEA Rules…


Ikea, the Swedish furniture chain has been voted the world’s top retailer in a new global poll. The survey was carried out by Business Week magazine and the Boston Consulting Group and ranked Ikea as world number one for innovation in the retail industry, ahead of global giants such as Wal-Mart and Tesco.

I just went to IKEA this weekend (that’s the way it is when you are in a steady relationship) to get a shelf for shoes. And like so many times before it surprised me how big and overwhelming the choices of furniture and designs actually are. There was especially a kind of cross between a chair and a hammock which really amused me not to mention the 300 different types of plastic equipment you can use for whatever wherever. And it’s brilliant. You can find everything in IKEA and you will find yourself so busy checking out strange, stupid, cool and terrible things (yes, there is plenty) that you hardly notice the well known BILKA-disease crawling in under your skin. Hurray for the blue and yellow back, which contains so many wonderful things. Hurray for Sweden and Ingvar Kamprad!

I came home with a complete new life in plastic and a hammock-chair almost impossible to hang anywhere, but I will manage. I just need a little time and maybe help from my friends or future husband.

My shoes, by the way, are still on the floor in the hall. 158010_small