Alarming Flight with Continental Airlines


Yesterday I flew home from NYC with Continental Airlines. The cab-driver was rude and didn’t understand a word of what I said. I succeeded in guiding him to Newark. Not a problem being the standard with New York cabs and a reason to feel OK. Then things got funny. The e-ticket screen didn’t work. A staffer had to punch in a code in order for the machine to realize my passport is not yet expired. TSA handled me and everyone as cattle so that was great too. In my opinion safety hasn’t gotten any higher in spite of their extreme attempts to scare every traveler off (a friend of mine tells me you can get a job at an airport quite easy and two weeks later you can drive a truck with what ever you like into the airport and access airplanes – why bother going through the metal detectors if you wanted to fill up a plane with nail clippers or scissors or kalashnikovs?).

Moments later I fond myself at the gate with a friend from the Reputation Institute Conference. We soon learned that the plane was delayed. “We’ll inform you every twenty minutes”, they said. That didn’t happen. What did happen was some alarm going off every 20 minutes without any further explanation (Fire? Terrorist attack?). If you want a career in music (or anything demanding your ability of hearing) don’t wait too long at Newark.

Finally another plane was ready. We boarded. Iben told me there was mold on the tomatoes. And vomit on the carpet. There was vomit on carpet number two as well. The third carpet was from business class and clean. She didn’t eat any tomatoes (or carpets for that matter). Neither did I. I slept throughout the flight dreaming of travelling with everyone but Continental Airlines…


(I’ll try and upload the video-clip that I made on my mobile later…)