Scooter experiences #1


As a part of an target group research carried out for a scooter supplier, we now have four scooters here at Stagis. And I can say for sure, it’s a big hit among the girls here at the bureau.


Personally, I had my first scooter expererience the other night when I was going to a restaurant in another part of town, where I was supposed to meet my boyfriend and his parents. So I went there on a scooter.

I think I actually laughed all the way through town that evening. I can’t explain why driving a scooter is so much fun, but it is. A bit scary at first – I think that I’m not the only girl who has a potential fear of things with a motor – but after a couple of minutes I was familiar with the simple scooter features, and was actually able to enjoy the ride.

I got to the restaurant so fast that I ended up arriving just in time, even though I thought I was late. Parked my scooter right in front of the restaurant (no problems finding a parking space with this little baby), removed the helmet and went into the restaurant. Part of my mission was to see if it was possible to arrive at the restaurant in a reasonably condition. I think it went well. Mission accomplished. I managed to wear a dress (that only blow up a couple of times!!!). My hair was not as flat as I was afraid of. But tjeck out the before and after pictures and see for your self.

More pictures are on their way!