Scooter experiences #2


These helmets seem to be girls biggest protest against scooters. Now that I have tried these things on several times, I think it’s time to introduce some light and shade into the helmet discussion.


– Yes, helmets are not suitable for any hairstyle! But as long as you keep it simple, it’s not like your hair is all messed up, wet and greasy or anything.

– No, the shop assistents don’t laugh at you when you go into a store, wearing your helmet (at least not to you face). I have been to several shops, wearing my helmet, just to see if they would collapse in laughter. They didn’t.

– Yes, it’s quite difficult to say hello to an old friend, unless you can get off with a handshake. Kisses on the cheeks are out of the question – I’ve tried.

– No, I don’t take my helmet off very often, once it’s on! I sometimes forget that I’m wearing a helmet, untill other people point out that I look a bit funny. So…

– Yes, I look funny wearing a helmet, but I don’t mind. I probably made someones day…