Blogging Workshop August 2006


Blogging and blogs are words that are slowly becoming part of the discourse when talking about communication and in particular the ways companies are communicating. This is both in the way that Nik_m_paaskekylling_2companies are talking about their products and their identity. Even if more people are getting more familiar with the term there are still many companies out there that either hasn’t heard about blogging yet or are still trying to find out what benefits blogging gives their organization? What is it that makes blogs a unique form of communication channel? How does it rival other methods of dialogue with you customers? How can blogs help create new, interactive and dynamic networks? Are there any hidden dangers and worries that we should know about?

If you want to hear and learn more and join the discussion of blogging you have the opportunity at our after work meeting and workshop at DIF in august 2006. Im sure we will have som interesting hours – maybe Nikolaj will bring his chick?