Jonathan Schwartz, Sun, is all about authentic communication – and the tool is the blog



As part of my studies (and Birgittes) I was just reading “blog!” by David Kline in which there is an interview with Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun Microsystems. Sun is a server and network company founded in 1982 that employs 38.600 people worldwide and was ranked number 194 on the Fortune 500 in 2005.

Jonathan blogs about his business, the competition, how Sun is doing and new products. In monday’s post he is writing about the new server and a couple of weeks ago Business 2.0 “50 People who matter” (good news is you and I – the consumer as creator – comes in on no. 1!). He explains why he is blogging with reference to reaching out to his employees and communicating with them as well as with customers without the filter that the usual corporate information-flow goes through.

The chapter in “blog!” is basically about authenticity. The very reason Schwartz is blogging is, he says, this is the only way that a manager can communicate authentically with each and every employee (in my case I can also just go talk with them – but the idea is the same) and Schwartz seems to be the type of CEO who brings the idea to good use; he is open and expressive about his ideas and opinions.

Schwartz_1Recently Jonathan encouraged all of Suns employees to start their own blog and write about… anything! As he explains, there are so many issues that will be of interest to the customers which can be addressed and discussed to a much better detail by employees that work in a specific field than by the communications- or marketing department. Read some of the executive as well as employee-blogs on