If it works, they are gonna blog about it



When it comes to blogs and blogging my main-interest is how blogs can be used in organizations, but lately I have been following the feed from Sille. Finally I’m getting it; Once you start following someones story about ups and downs they become interesting. Just like getting a new pen-pal, returning to that same soap on tv or… well, you get the picture.

So today Sille writes about a cold sore on her lip (as she has a date that takes a lot of kissing) and guess what her post winds up at… The product she is using to fix the damn thing. Now, I don’t usually give a lot of interest to marketing regular off-the-shelf products (as I’m much more onto organizational identity and corporate branding) but still, this is interesting! I know lots of stories about blogs and bloggers badmouthing on products that don’t work but I haven’t seen that many appraisals. But if it works and you have fans your product just might be out there.

So here’s an experiment: Let’s see how much Sille herself comes around to visit other blogs and ask a question:

Sille, is Compeed really THAT GOOD? Did you write about it because you work with the product? Where you paid to do it or is your claim authentic? (if you have other questions for Sille, just leave a comment and let’s see what happens – or ask on her blog 🙂