Memoirs of a soldier – more blogs on politiken


It appears that Politiken has discovered the wonderes of blogging. A few days ago Nikolaj wrote about journalist Erik Jensens blog at Politiken, and now the newspaper has posted two more blogs by Ronni D and Christian. This time it´s not journalists or reporters, but danish soldiers being sent to Iraq.
I can see why the soldiers feel a need to blog, but the real question is, what is in it for the newspaper (i.e. the company in general)? What do Politiken have to gain from the blogs of two unproffesional writers taking up attention and space from "real" reporters?

In my opinion, the soldier-blogs give Politiken´s reports from Iraq a touch of authenticity.  The  blogs are signalling "we bring you the truth, no filters are protecting you, our reader, from the harsh reality of every day life in Iraq".   And this authenticity effect adds – of course – to the credibility of the paper.
The same effect is desirable for every company. You want your surroundings to belive in you what you say is what you do. This is exactly why blogging caries a great potential for companies around the world. The authenticity of a message written without filters, without censorship, should create a mutual trust between the reader and the blogger.

But usually the reader of any blog (especially company blogs) posseses a healthy critical sense. So how does a blogger/company ensures that the blog is perceived as reliable? I´m not sure. But I would love to hear from you.