New STAGIS.COM launched – running BETA



It’s late and we’re in the middle of launching a beta version. I posted some of the look-and-feel a couple of weeks ago and said I’d come back with more to hear what you think. But now we decided to go a little further and launch even though it’s not finished at all. The design, a bunch of (really cool!) functions and the copy isn’t quite done but let’s hear what you think and then in a couple of weeks we’ll take another round and get it into the next stage… Check out the orange things – that’s our moblog integrating with the website.

Launching new products, services and websites (well, anything, actually) in BETA has been much discussed lately as the idea of beta is not only to try things that aren’t necesarrily considered finished. It’s also a way of involving employees, customers, users, stakeholders – call them what you will – in the development fase and thereby contextualizing a relationship of innovation. I think this was one of the strategies used by Microsoft as they launched Explorer and sent Netscape on a detour…

Does it make any sense at all?