Number of danish blogs taking off


This morning a journalist named Lene was just asking about numbers of bloggers. Well, here is a bit of input even though the hardcore facts on danish company blogs don’t seem to be available:


If we take a look at blogs in general (all types of bloggers) there’s David Sifry’s “State of the Blogosphere” report which uses Technoratis tracking to keep up with the increasing number of blogs. A couple of weeks ago, on July 31, Technorati reported 50 million blogs (and counting…). The amount of blogs (or the “size” of the blogosphere, the space of blogs) is doubling every 200 days. So in the spring of 2007 there’ll be about 100 million blogs to keep track of. Among businesses there is about 6% of the Fortune 500 companies in the US that are blogging according to the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki.

The danish aggregation website “” is keeping track of feeds. They’ve written a bit on the increasing size of the danish blogospere.

As a number of international and danish services to open up a blog has been created over the past year including some of the newsmedia like Urban and Fyens Stiftstidende whom I’ve been writing about before. That has lead to lots of new bloggers and an increasing hype on the use of blogs among ordinary (and extrodinary!) people.

Now it seems that the companies are following. I only know of a few handfuls of danish corporate blogs and as I am posting this the CEO of Dansk Industri, Hans Skov Christensen is about to launch his first weblog which points at an increasing use of blogs in business.