Barriers to Corporate Blogging



In writing my thesis I am getting under the skin of the corporate bloggers in Denmark. I have just talked to a guy from a big Danish council about how blogging could be interesting for them as an organization – but he wasn´t convinced;-) The feed back Im getting from the corporate bloggers I interview as part of my thesis is that all businesses could benefit from blogging – but this guy seemed to think that a coucil is to un sexy and that your average Joe dosnt want to speak to his council about their plans but only contact them if you need a new doctor or the likes. Is this true… what about the crisis in Århus with the angry parents – they seem to have a lot to say to their council. Does Århus council have a blog? I dont know… maybe I should give them a call tomorrow.

I will leave you with a quote from one of my interviews that give you a brilliant image of why some business leaders personally dont find it easy to expose themselves on a corporate blog:

“I have discussed this with colleagues and many of us in this organization are the types of people who were quit happy playing the tree in the school comedy when we were kids”