Authentic playground…?



Last monday Nikolaj and I went to a meeting in Billund with LEGO System A/S. I don’t know if any of you have visited the place – not “Legoland” but the “Headquarter”? It is possible to be mistaken about the two. When arriving you enter a large hall with a desk where it’s actually difficult to tell the receptionist from the lego-pirate standing in full size beside her. In the middle of the large hall you’ll find a huge sandbox – only with LEGO in it instead of sand. Beside the LEGO-pool small chairs for children are placed. One might just add: How many children visit LEGO System in a day? Right. So the pool must be for everyone – even grown-ups. We were a little early for our appointment so we sat down by the LEGO-pool and began to build. Another guy – also waiting in the hall – did not come around to join us. Instead he waited in the grown-up area, reading a paper. We decided to build the project we were to present at our meeting.

– Isn’t it just typical for our business? “Oh let’s tell it in colors. Let’s make it visual.”

But we actually thought it was a splendid idea – and we were pretty serious about it:

“Are you crazy!?! What kinds of colors are that you are mixing!?!” and… “You’ll have to secure that roof now!”

The person we were supposed to meet went out in the hall twice and walked straight by us, while we were trying to keep balance on our tiny chairs while almost reaching the throwing-LEGO-at –each-other-point. Why didn’t he look by the LEGO-pool? At last he found us and we followed him to a large room which looked like a giant showroom. And there we were talking about serious business with a very serious man surrounded by airplanes, robots and farms with chickens you could easily transform into ducks. Our “fine piece of work” build in splendid colors and with a top secure roof seemed a bit old fashioned among all the boxes with airplanes, and really didn’t seem to impress him at all.  He had exactly the look of a parent receiving a blue ashtray made of clay: It is…what is it?

After the meeting he gave me his card. It was yellow and had a yellow LEGO-pirate printed on it.