The Advertising Man


The other day at Stagis a colleague came back from a meeting and said that someone called him an advertising man (reklame mand). Its safe to say that he didn’ t see it as a compliment because we who live and work (maybe in a bobble?) in this world of communication and consultants think advertising in its traditional form of one way communication is dead. We felt that an advertising man set us back to the days where consultants would rate a company as either being a, b, & c and then regulate the companies culture and business practices accordingly. But the discussion followed on to the fact that the word advertising migth have had a revival (?) and that it isn’ t a faux pas to use it as we in communication sometimes think. Is advertising in again? And what does it exactly cover? It is a really interesting discussion because if our clients think we are advertising men (and women!) is there any point arguing over what to call us – as long as we can convince them that one way communication isn’ t the only way forward I don’t care what people call us. I would like to hear your opinion on this. Do you work in communication or advertising – and why have you chosen one category over the other. Is it a conscious choice? And what about people who don’t work in the industry – do you ever make the distinction?