No time for playing in the culture-club


HC Andersen is walking the streets of Copenhagen again. Only now he is in an animated version. Today Guppyworks launched the computer game HCA and the creative director of Guppyworks, Per Rosendal visited “Go’ Morgen Danmark” this very morning to talk about the process and the game. Guppyworks have been developing the game of HC Andersens adventure life for the last 3 years and the costs is around 6 mill. DKr. What puzzled me is the fact that Per Rosendal & Co. haven’t been receiving any kind of financial support from the Ministry of Culture (Kulturministeriet) – because computer games aren’t considered culture. But why is that? I believe the computer game not only plays an increasing role in the entertainment industry and in the field of economics (exceeding the movie industry), it is also one of the most significant cultural contributors of our time. The language of new cultural media is dominated by the computer game. Am I wrong?

The fact that this particular game is about one of our times greatest pieces of fine culture has nothing to do with my wondering – it could have been a game of war – but it is worth mentioning.

What do you think? Do you consider yourself cultural when you play a computer game?