Would you hire this man?


Hmm… In my last post, I promised to come up with a design of a meeting situation, that would eliminate the effects of what I call the Ego Game. This is definetly easier written than done! Right now I haven´t got anything new on this subject, but I will make it a personal quest of mine to pursue "The Perfect Business Meeting". But until I find it, here is something to think about.

In a danish newspaper I read about this guy, who´s applying a large financial corporation for a new job. Along with his resume, he sent this video of his job application. Take a look, it´s sort of special.

As any other applicant would do, the guy presents himself in the way, that he finds best. He stresses his competences, shows his hobbies and generally acts as we probably all would at a job interview. He is even well dressed in a dark suit. Nothing wrong here. The young man speaks to the camera about his understanding of succes: what is means to be succesfull and how to reach your goals. Still no problem – that´s pretty normal in the given situation. So why is it, that this man is currently the laughing stock of  Yale, Ivy league University?

Well, if you haven´t watched the video yet, do it now! It will give you an idea why…

The poor guy´s video was published by the company, in which he applied for a job, and now he´s getting thousands of mails from people he doesn´t know, just making fun of him. The increasing number of "fan mails" has made the guy quit his studies an move back to his parents. I think it´s a bit unfair to treat him like this. After all, he was just trying to get a job in an unusual way. And he even makes a couple of good points about succes in every day life. I think that next time I´m applying for a job, I´ll think of this young man. I´m sure I can learn from his experiences, just not sure what it is…

So… This was quite a long way from "The Perfect Meeting". And still, a job interview can definetly be seen as a business meeting. Both parts are trying to make the most of the situation, and no one wants to loose (a potential employee or a potential job). Anywho, I will continue my search for the holy grails of business meetings, and if I discover something new, you will be the first to know!