Design creates bottomline says Dansk Handel & Service


In the monthly newsletter from Danish Designers (which I’m a member of) journalist Helle Lorentzen refers to Dansk Handel & Service (trade organization) who’s increasingly focusing on design in a wide understanding of the term. Design is not just clothing or graphic design (which was my original background) but also design of experiences, development processes and a way of expanding strategies into tangible support that help implementation.

“Today people think a lot about design. The design competence is a part of the development that companies has to go through and people are starting to see how design can be used to build competitive advantage by differentiating from others”

Heidi Schütt Larsen DHS

Many danish designers are – paradoxially – not very good at promoting themselves or establish an identity that convinces companies to see the upside of using their competencies. The design-industry is characterized by lots of small companies rather than big ones.

“One model could be more design companies with a mix of competencies – kind of a shopping mall or a package-deal. Small companies don’t have the time or money to go to “boutique stores” and it can be difficult to find the right designer. In that area we miss some solutions to ease the way forward for the companies.”Heidi Schütt Larsen DHS

I think we’re one of those companies. We try to help our clients with a mix of competencies. And I think we’re a place where companies get the counselling they need to go forward and design identity and experiences that create bottomline results.

To use Livas way of putting it from the other day:

“Hi, I’m a designer and I create bottomline”