“First they ignore you – Then laugh at you and hate you – Then they fight you – then you win”


– Robbie Williams

Recently I have been working on creating promotion for one of our clients. And one of many steps in the process is to buy advertising space in several more or less well known magazines. My first time buying advertising space.. Piece of cake I believe. I am from Jutland – I am used to “different people – different prices” and expressions such as “you snooze you loose”.

It wasn’t quite as easy. It wasn’t the same as “Jallerupmarked”.Okay, at first there is a price. It’s sky-high and makes you believe that you’ve asked the price of the entire advertising space. In the world. “That’s the price, I’m afraid. We also have to make a living you know?”. Then you are shocked and confused and you try to rearrange the budget – but it’s a whole lot of rearrangement and the number on the last page still has to be the same.

Then you talk to your boss and he laughs at you and tell you “that’s the name of the game. You’ll have to push them down to the real price.” Oh, there’s a real price!? An authentic price… interesting! Then you call them again – slightly pissed. And suddenly they have a special offer for you because you are “a new costumer…calling so close to deadline…born in 1978 on a sunday…and stuff like that”. But it’s still not a fair price.

Then you spent a few days calling, mailing, play pretend, call back, pushing – fighting and squeezing the final offer out of your enemies. And then you win. And maybe so do they.

And you end up thinking if it is really worth the effort to have a person spending fulltime on battling costumers – and if his or hers time could be spent more reasonable on other things? And most likely your enemy thinks so too.