Hide the sweets!


Slikpaper_1 Okay – the news is out (again): Danish people are fat! On Anita Bay Bundegaard´s blog she writes about the facts about the state of the 350.000 Danes that potentially could die from health issues related to being overweight! In the article there is a few ideas of to how we can change this unhappy situation. Some blame the supermarkets for lurring us in to buying candy while standing in the queue, because thats where the candy is conveniently placed. (The politicians (still) talk about changing VAT (moms) so that fruit and greens are cheaper and candy more expensive). I personally don’t think that hiding (!) the candy from us in the store will work. If im low on sugar at 6.p.m. – I will find the candy! The reason why its difficult buying healthy food in Danish supermarkets is because the “easy to grab” food is more or less non existing (and no Irmas sloopy pasta salads doesnt count). We could learn something from French and English supermarkets such as Tesco´s. They have unlimited rows of healthy quick eats which are of a really great quality. So it does actually happen in Europe – other countries can make good food available. So instead of blaming everyone else – why don’t we blame ourselves for not demanding better food?