Danish eller dansk?


Dansk_1 The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti) has presented a bill, which is being read in the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) today. In short they want to legislate about the use of the Danish language in for example universities. They want the Danish language to be the primary language by law in public institutions and in research. If we do not legislate in this area the Danish language will disappear in the future – they argue. The Danish Language Association (Dansk Sprognævn) is not surprisingly supportive of their arguments. The sinner is of course the English language, which at the Danish universities and in many companies is the primary language today. This got me thinking. Are we in STAGIS in fact a treat against the Danish language? We write our blog in English and our website too. Are we slowly but surely putting the Danish language in its grave? Maybe. As a corporate language anyway. But if you want to have clients or stakeholders beyond the Danish boarders are you not in the need of communicating in another language than Danish? After all this language is only spoken by about five million people worldwide. What do you think: Should STAGIS continue to blog in English? And this way pay our small contribution to the slow death of the Danish language. Eller skal vi begynde at blogge på dansk?