1522667_abb95b78689ff5580bc8f997593548f3 This will be my last entry on this blog for now. The reason being I´m leaving Stagis becuase I´m moving abroad to Ireland. After one and a half year of good times in the company it is going to be very strange leaving the office tomorrow knowing that I will not be coming back (except for visits of course!). I´m leaving for Ireland without having a job waiting for me up there…A little bit daunting being a new graduate and all…Still, I´m very optimistic, because I feel that the experience I have gained here the last few years have given me so much knowledge about “real life business” – more than I could have ever read in any text book. Working here has also taught me to aim for the top – in anything you do – therefore the first thing I will do is aim high and put some pressure on myself by applying for a communications/marketing job at Google, Dublin.

You heard it here first;-)