Communicating the STAGIS way


Right now I’m workning on a direct mail with the main purpose of communicating the STAGIS way of solving challenges for our clients. My question is this: How can I simplify the process without loosing the complexity? Communication is more than just simplication! Ok, I get that. But somestimes the reality seems so complex, that simplication is necessary in order to get the message across. In communicating the STAGIS way my dilemma is that our problem-solving-strategy is not a step-by-step process (it never is), which can easily be fitted into neat little boxes. It’s a dialogic process that involves both the company’s culture, dreams, potential, authenticity, the users/target group and so much more. As you (hopefully) understand the process is not easily communicated on a step-by-step basis. But in order to communicate the STAGIS way to future clients, it would be nice to be able to communicate just exactly what it is we do differently from others, in a way so people outside STAGIS fully get the picture. So far I have decided on the following steps:

– Challenge

– Research

– Authentic forces

– Development of scenarios

– Structural changes and implementation

– Identity design

– Communication

– Effect and evaluation

Does this make any sense for someone outside our tiny STAGIS world? Maybe not but now you know what I’m struggling with this late Friday afternoon.