Pictures say more than a thousand words…


NapalmAnd it’s easyer to start moblogging than blogging. Or is it? We startet this discission yesterday with the people behind 23, who wanted our opinion on the subject and on the future of moblogging.

First of all, it’s interesting to find out why most people (including myself) find it difficult to start blogging. Somehow there is a barrier to be broken before feeling comfortable about posting text and pictures on the internet. And there’s a is a fine line between what’s relevant, though personal, information, and what’s too private to be posted. Second of all, it’s not very logical that it (in my opinion) is more challenging to post text than pictures, seeing that pictures often are very personal and in a second can set us in a state of mind or bring forth a message which would take hours for an ordinary text to do. Furthermore, I think pictures are more open to individual interpretations than written material – maybe because we’ve got more or less the same conventions on how to understand a letter, a book or any other written material.

That’s my opinion – let me know what you think!