Berlin. Die schönste Stadt der Welt!


So, I spent a couple of days in Berlin with my class. God, why am I living in Copenhagen I ask myself? It’s no wonder so many creative people are ‘fleeing’ this city to go live in Berlin. Because never have I been in a city quite like that. Everywhere you go, creative stuff going on. Concerts, art, street art, photography etc. etc. A truly cool city.

One of the really awesome (or “spitze”, as on would say in Berlin) things we saw, was this street sign pictured under. As Nikolaj mentioned earlier on the blog, there has been huge demonstations and whatnot, concerning ‘Ungdomshuset’ on Jagtvej 69. So, here I am, in the middle of Berlin. And what do I see? A ‘Jagtvej’-sticker on the normal street sign. (As pictured below) Later, we were told that there had been massive demonstrations in Berlin as well, but I still thought this was kinda cool.

But, alas, the house is no more.

Below is some pictures of other cool stuff me and my homies saw in Berlin. Once again, this is a really, realle ‘spitze’ city, so if you ever, EVER get the chance to go there – DO ! I assure you, it’s not like anywhere you’ve ever been before, that’s for sure.

Hope y’all are doing great and enjoying spring!


Ps. I wrote an article in The Danish Film Institutes magazine called ‘Film’. It’s in the new number, which comes out on 30 March. It’s on YouTube and media on the internet in general. So, if you want to check it out, that would be really, really cool ! Remember the name: Emma Holten 😉

(The pics were shot by my good friend Troels, who snapped them with his cell phone)


The Jagtvej sticker


Setting up all the gear for the Deftones concert on 27 March on Brandenburger Tor.