Hi! I’m Emma!


Hi there !

I’m Emma and I’ve been working here for quite some time now. About a month, I think. And Nicolaj has really been on my back about bloggin’, so now I’m doing it!

My work here at Stagis is really varied, which is probably the best thing about it. I get to do all kinds of different stuff everytime I’m here, so that’s really cool. I do not, however, have much to compare with since this is my first job. EVER! (I remember in my interview Nicolai said ‘Wow, born 1991! That’s so late!) So as you can probably figure out, I’m not that old.. yet!

I’m really into design and stuff like that, so it’s really cool that I can work here where there’s visually awesome stuff all around me!

See? This is the thing about blogging. I’m so scared to begin to bore you! So I think I’ll leave it at this, and let you get some rest ;). Anyway, nice meeting you all! (or something like that)