Ireland – The Mostly Wet and Not So Green Isle.


Hi everybody,

About two weeks ago, on march 6th I went to Ireland with my class. More precisely, I went to Galway, Ireland. For those of you unfortunate enough not to know about this little piece of heaven on earth, the following pretty much sums up what Galway is about and what to do, when in Galway.

There is exactly one street in Galway, worth mentioning. On this street, which is about a quarter of the length of Strøget (in CPH), you have about 20 shops (and one very small underground mall) and about 150 pubs. Right now, I bet you’re sitting there, thinking: ”But how do they stay in business?” Fear not, dear reader. The incredible demand for beer and pubs in this city, will blow you away. It so weird though, because in the daytime there’s like no people at all in the streets, but then at night it is like the Saturday night of Roskilde Festival. It is absolutely amazing.

Right now, I’m writing an essay for my English class and it’s about alcohol and Ireland and why alcohol is so popular over there, and when you’ve been there and experienced Ireland first-handed the reason is clear: It’s the rain. It’s funny, because before you visit the island, you read all these guidebooks about Ireland and all they ever say is basically: “The landscape of Ireland is absolutely amazing, with it’s green valleys and mountains, beautiful plants and so on..” – And I bet it is really beautiful, but the end of this guidebook-sentence should be: “Too bad you won’t ever be able to see it because of the non-stop, constant rain.” It rains literally ALL the time. I’m amazed anyone’s ever been fortunate enough to actually experience this supposedly “beautiful country” when it’s impossible to see five feet in front of you, because of the rain. I really can’t imagine an Ireland without rain.

But in a way, the rain brought us closer together as a class, because every time it rained, we went to a pub and drank either Guinness or hot cocoa (depending on what time of the day), and there you go – the reason for why there is a need for so many pubs in Ireland is because of the constant rain and the Irish peoples need for a place to escape the rain in a cozy environment.

Anyway, I’m not really being fair to Ireland now, and I don’t want you all to think that my trip was horrid, because it really wasn’t. I had a fabulous time with my fabulous friends and lots of fabulous Guinness. It was great, and the truth is, despite of the rain, I miss it. The people, the pubs, the nightlife and everything else. It’s a great country and it’s really blossoming these days, in regards to new arising businesses, the tourism and new firms moving to Ireland. Speaking of which, Nikolaj, the floors in the office are getting quite worn down. So, how about it? Ireland? Well, think it over. Let me know. And for everybody else – go there as soon as you can. It’s fabulous.


This pretty much sums me on my trip to Ireland up.