When Campaigning becomes Ordinary – and loses Meaning



Yesterday I tried inhaling teargas for the first time. Not surprisingly to most danes, I live in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. And late last night I went for a stroll outside my front door (about 50 feet from Nørrebrogade). I must admit that I wasn’t all that scared after watching it on the tele – I mean the entire event was kept under control by an impressive number of policemen. Being close to the bricks flying through the air and breathing the teargas myself gave it a bit more edge.

Today I saw that a bunch of kids had occupied the Social Democrats office in Copenhagen. They were there for a few hours (or less…!) and the event seemed rather trivial. The radical choice of occupying a building shows less and less concious choice and will as it is being copied and repeated. What was an authentic radical act of will becomes ordinary and meaningless – and winds up undermining the initial campaign.

Moral of the story? Next time you campaign, do it once, with conviction – and don’t ruin it by mindless repetition.

I took the picture with my phone last night.