Co-creating with Björk + STAGIS’ new blogger


Volta_album_cover Björk – one of my favorite artists and Possibly Maybe the greatest nation branding and marketing spin Iceland will ever experience, paving the way for so many artistic goodies from the small nation far North in the Atlantic. On May 7th Björk’s much-awaited album Volta will hit the shops and fill the air, like the single release of Earth Intruders from the album is already doing, also being ‘Ugens Uundgåelige’ on P3 (this weeks favorite air play of the radio channel P3, The Danish Broadcasting System). The Volta album includes contributions from guest artists like producer Timbaland and Anthony Hegarty from Anthony & The Johnsons – can’t wait to hear more of it! What about you?

‘Let’s open up : share!’ is the pay-off from the album’s song Innocence about the thrill of fearing the new. Now Björk lives the message of sharing and renewing! Instead of working with superstar director Chris Cunningham once again, she now turns to the public, inviting everyone interested to make her new video for Innocence.

Similar to what Nokia, Tuborg and Cocio among others are doing, when asking consumers to provide creative work in making their next ad, Björk, supported by Madwebcarpenters who provide users with creative production tools, goes bonding and relation-building with her audience and consumers in a brand-involving, platform-sharing and consumer-driven way, by opening up her video production for ideas and creativity of her audience. Nice touch! It’s of course Björks approval that will decide how the video of Innocence will be in the end. But still, can’t wait to see if folks come up with something good and what the result will be! 

Get to now Innocence and more about the video competition here.

By the way, would like to introduce my self; I’m Marta Karolina Olsen, a brand new blogger at STAGIS, where I recently was hired as Project Manager, which is fab! So this is my first opening up and sharing of a post in the blogosphere – sensing a thrill of the new :-), leaving me not so innocent anymore…

Have a nice one this absolutely sunny weekend!