The virtual me



Yesterday I read an article in Politiken which stated that 50 % of your identity is available to the rest of us online. Abelone Glahn states in the article that if you don’t exist online then you nearly don’t exist at all. We have previously discussed the importance of corporate blogging. But the article in Politiken states the importance of having a personal blog or to participate in some sort of social media like kommunikationsforum or Linkedin. Some people are terrified by the thought that they can’t control the personal information which are available about them online. But Abelone Glahn points out to use this strategically. Though blogs and other social media you have the perfect means to control and mould your virtual/online identity. She calls it: Your virtual handshake" – and she just wrote a book about the subject with the surprising title "Your virtual handshake" (Dit virtuelle håndtryk). If you have a profile on LinkedIn or Kommunikationsforum you have the perfect means to show future employers what a great networker you are. Then some might ask: Isn’t there a chance that a profile online can affect me in a negative way in a future job-situation. Oh yes! If you point out in your application that you are a fab networker and your profile shows otherwise. It’s important that the online you is authentic. But does all this mean that I shouldn’t present my self as a person with extraordinary networking skills? The virtual me doesn’t have that many contacts! This raises an interesting question: Is my online identity more "real" to a future employer than my offline identity?