Concerts in Tivoli!


So, one of the things i really connect with summer is concerts on Pl├Žnen in Tivoli, Copenhagen. And tonights my first one this year! (It’s Moi Caprice playing, and they’re awesome ! You should come check it out if you’ve got the time ­čÖé )

Anyway, it struck me that, one of the things that’s great about Tivoli is that it’s classic, without becoming old-people-ish. An example: This year, there are concerts on Pl├Žnen that I want to see, and other concerts that my mother want to see equally as much. And both of us can go there without feeling either too young, or too old to be there. This may seem obvious, but it’s actually a balance hardly achieved by anyone else! No matter who played there, my mom would never go to Vega. Period. But Tivoli, well, if something has been awesome for 200 years, it’s just still awesome!



moi Caprice