Packing design: When what you see is what you get!


Nords_bitter_2 Birkesaft_3You probably don’t give it much thought on a daily basis, but packing design can make it or break it for you – as well as for the company offering products on the market.

Packing is heavily integrated into our lives. Beyond being a container for goods, well-designed packing tells the qualities of the product, the story of your possible interaction with the content. How it may qualify or enrich your life. At it’s best, it talks straight to your senses, both heart and mind – giving you a clear notion of how it will feel to use what’s inside. Preferably in a way that sticks with you after your product experience, encouraging your instant top-of-mind recognition next time you have to choose among the billion choices a modern consumer life has to offer.   

But so much for packing, if the content doesn’t match your expectations. Bummer! Or if the packing doesn’t awaken your expectations at all. Then you would probably move on without taking notice.

Differentiation as well as honest or authentic communication of your product, the qualities of it’s content, story and what it has to offer define some assets that I appreciate in packing design. In my opinion the packing of two products, Birkesaft (Birke juice) and Nordsø Bitter (Danish bitter brand), that recently caught my eye and lens of my mobile camera, share these assets. Take a look at the pictures – what you see is what you get, from the inside out!

…And what a great idea to sell Danish spring bottled – that’s a happy promise I had to shop, since I also appreciate new experiences. But to be honest, the taste seemed rather peculiar to me. Definitely differentiated. But on the other hand – I also didn’t like Nordsø or any other bitter for that matter at first – acquired taste seems to be the right word for what’s to be found on the other side of that tipping point. So maybe I’ll learn to like Birkesaft as well some day 🙂