Technology – friend or foe?


This weekend it became clear to me just how much we, and I think that everybody living in the modern world would agree with me on this, are dependant on technology. I learned this the hard way, because this weekend, my dad, Mr. Fix-it, tried to make our internet-connection wireless, and as a result he completely shut down our entire network – phone, internet and somehow he managed to disconnect our tv as well. My dad – the handyman.

It only took him a mere 4 hours to get us back online, but during those 4 hours I was completely isolated from the rest of the world, seeing as I’d forgotten my cell at a friends house as well. I litterally did not know what to do with myself. I couldn’t get in touch with anybody, couldn’t watch tv, check my school schedule for the next day or do any of the things I normally do when I’m home. That’s when I realized how dependant I am on the wonders of technology to keep me entertained.

But it’s not just for pure entertainment that we’ve become so addicted and dependant on technology.

My friend goes to Ørestad Gymnasium, which is a school of the future.

Everybody has their MacBooks with them to school everyday to write their notes on, the teachers tell them by mail wich homework and which assignments to do for the next day – assignments that are handed in by mail as well, and if the teacher doesn’t feel like coming to work he just makes the lesson virtual – which means they do it by mail. They all operate under the same system, a system called “Fronter”, and they’ve become so dependant on this system that if it were to break down, the entire school wouldn’t know what to do.

This school is called the school of the future, which basically means that if our dependance on internet and other technologic marvels continue to grow in the speed is growing in now, this school will represent how the future of this country will look like. We will all be hooked up to something in one way or another, and should the progress in the invention of new tools and tricks to ease our everyday-life through technology and machines, continue, in this rapid speed, we are most likely to become completely dependant on machines in a few years time.

But right now, I’m just happy that when I get home I have a computer, tv and a phone just sitting there waiting for me.Et_computer_kid_happy_surprised21