Time to Link up



Finally it´s time for LinkUp showcase 2007! For the third time the exhibition takes place in Copenhagen, and this time with the public space as gallery. The overall theme will this year be “meeting” and the specified cases you can apply by is; furniture, structure, campaign, cover, space, identity, hot spot interaction, surface and monument. The actual frame of the exhibition is from Knippelsbro > Amagerbrogade. In this way, many people will experience the exhibition, and maybe your work!

If you want to participate – its time to apply, and the deadline is the 15th of august, the 16th Klaus Bondam (Miljø og teknik borgermester) presents the participants and later the overall winner of the project!


The earlier Showcases has seemed more “underground event-like”, and this time both the public space and Klaus Bondom makes it a bit more official and established. In this way, maybe LinkUp achieves more attention fro their great initiative to display young designers and architects work!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing this years projects – Now in public…